4 Things to Avoid When Realizing
You Forgot To Buy a Gift

An important date is quickly approaching: A major birthday of a loved one, Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve or Valentine’s Day…. And then, at the very last minute, it finally hits you… you have forgotten to buy a gift!

Oh no!

What do you do? How do you handle such an unfortunate situation?
You can already sense the impending awkwardness…. the embarrassment… prepare yourself, it’s definitely not going to be a pleasant experience.

This terrible scenario can easily result in making 4 critical mistakes that you’d better try to avoid.

  1. Don’t Be Lenient About It 

    Don’t convince yourself that it’s not a big deal, that they will not be angry, that they will understand or that they will not care – because let’s be realistic and frank about it, they will.

    Forgetting gifting the important people in your life is unfair, selfish and a sure recipe for disappointing them.
  2. Don’t Go into Panic Mode

    Do you feel like your back is against the wall and there is absolutely nothing more you can do?
    Yes, it is a nerve-wracking experience that can put you in hot water, but freaking out will not help productively resolve the situation.

    Instead, think rationally and weigh your options.
    From going to a nearby local shop or preparing something creative DIY style to sending fresh flowers, a beautiful gift basket or a digital gift, there’s always something that can be done, even at the very last second.
  3. Don’t Gamble with Shipping Times

    Thinking about ordering something online and sending it straight to your giftee? Not a bad idea.
    However, here’s a word of caution: make sure you read the merchant’s shipping policy carefully to verify the gift will be delivered in time.

    If the gift is not guaranteed to be delivered by the big day, avoid making a wild gamble and look for other options.
  4. Don’t Give Lame Excuses

    Did you blow it? Did you fail to give or send a thoughtful gift to someone close who depended on you?
    Avoid giving lame excuses, such as: “I was so busy”, “I’m not well” or “I did not know what to buy you”.

    Instead, be genuine: plead guilty, tell them you messed up, apologize and say that you promise to make it up for them – but only if you truly mean it.
    Most humans are forgiving creatures when you’re being honest, straightforward and not trying to manipulate them.