23 Last-Minute Digital Gift Ideas for Every
Occasion: Holidays, Birthdays and Other
Special Days on Your Calendar

23 Last-Minute Digital Gift
Ideas for Every Occasion:
Holidays, Birthdays and
Other Special Days on Your Calendar

Don’t worry! You haven’t blown it (yet). You still have time to send a really nice gift digitally by email. Yes… Even at the very last second!

Are you looking for some original gift ideas that you can order immediately online and have them delivered to the receiver digitally, over the internet – even at the last minute?

We can definitely help and offer some inspiration!

When you’re dealing with an urgent gift-giving situation (a birthday, holiday or some other special occasion), sending a digital gift via email can be a true lifesaver.
E-gifts are an extremely popular instant solution in such circumstances, since they are easy to buy and the quickest to arrive.

Ready? Let’s start!

1 Experience Gifts

Experience Gifts

Experience gift companies offer a huge variety of unique activity ideas that create unforgettable memories (available in major U.S. cities and regions).

Their online catalogs present many exciting, adventurous and thrilling activities that can get the recipient’s adrenaline pumping: driving a racecar, flying a plane, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping or skydiving – just to name a few.

Alternatively, for people who prefer calmer mainstream environments, there are also more relaxed natured options. Examples include experiences like fascinating food tours, pottery classes, romantic dinner cruises, a private golf lesson with a PGA pro and so many other fun things they can do in their area.

Gift buyers can either buy a specific experience or send an e-gift card that will let the recipients pick their desired activities by themselves.

2 Gift of the Month Clubs

Gift of the Month Clubs

Want to send someone an impressive gift that keeps on giving?
Monthly gift services deliver a consumable gift to the recipient every month, such as craft beer, fine wine, gorgeous flower bouquets, quality cigars, premium coffee, artisan cheese, gourmet chocolate, exotic fruit or others.

Most sites offer the ability to send the recipient an instant gift announcement by email (or print one) immediately after ordering, so he or she will know what to expect in the coming months.

3 Online Courses

Online Courses

Send an educational gift that helps the people in your life grow, evolve and open up to new worlds of learning with online classes delivered by the top minds in almost every possible field.

Virtual courses cover a broad spectrum of topics: from creative, business and technology skills to photography, cooking, creative writing, acting and so many other areas of interest.

Expert-authored courses provide any individual with an opportunity to learn something new, useful, inspiring or valuable through video lessons online.
It’s a great way to help the recipient develop a personal or professional skill, find a new hobby, broaden their horizons or advance their career.

4 Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Know someone who could use a well-deserved break from their busy routine, demanding work responsibilities and the fast-paced world they live in?

Spa treatments offer so many things: personal wellness, rest and relaxation, rejuvenation, getting pampered by a professional and restoring harmony to both body and mind.

Recipients of a universal spa e-gift card can use it at thousands of participating locations, across the U.S. for a huge variety of different beauty and spa services: facials, manicure – pedicure, Botox, massages, fitness and health services and more.

5 Online Music Lessons

Online Music Lessons

Wish to surprise a passionate music lover in your life? Well, you can help him or her to fulfill their long-sought dream of becoming a musician!

Music instruction websites offer even complete beginners the ability to learn how to play their favorite songs on the guitar, bass, piano or some other instrument of their choice.

The structured video lessons cover all the fundamentals and move on to more intermediate level material.
Lessons are delivered by expert instructors (famous musicians, in some cases) and enable subscribers to study music at their own pace from the comfort of their home and gradually improve their skills.

6 Multi-Studio Fitness Membership

Multi-Studio Fitness Membership

We all have a fitness enthusiast on our radars or someone who genuinely wants to get into better shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Multi-studio membership services enable the gift recipient to mix and match fitness classes from a wide selection of participating studios, gyms and activity centers in cities across the country.

It’s a flexible option that can work with any schedule and individual skill level.
It gives members the ability to try out new studios and facilities without any commitment and explore many different workout routines: from strength training, boxing, spinning and yoga to Pilates, barre, dance classes and so many other exercise options.

7 Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes

Have a devoted yogi in your life? A gift subscription to a yoga video class website can let them practice at their own pace from the comfort of their home or even on the go, whenever it’s convenient

On-demand streaming video classes are led by professional teachers and can be viewed via any internet-connected device: PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or TV, anytime, anywhere.

8 Movie Tickets

Movie Tickets

Movie fans are always extremely happy to see the latest flicks on the big screen – especially when it’s free (since tickets can be expensive).

Whether the intended giftees are diehard film lovers or just occasional moviegoers, sending them a digital movie gift card can help them catch a nice action flick, an Oscar contender or some other hit that everybody’s talking about, somewhere nearby.

9 Magazine Subscription

Magazine Subscription

In this increasingly digital age, where technology controls nearly every aspect of our daily life, almost everyone craves the excitement of getting something tangible and fun in the mailbox.

A print magazine subscription gift-certificate sent by email gives the subscriber the freedom to choose his desired paper magazines according to his personal interests, passion, hobbies or lifestyle.

It’s an old-school gift that gives your special someone something interesting to read and to look forward to on a weekly or monthly basis.

10 Designer Clothing Rental

Designer Clothing Rental

Wish to help the fashionista in your life become even more fashionable and trendy, update her wardrobe more frequently, cut down on closet clutter and save money?

Designer clothing rental subscription services are extremely popular in the U.S., as they revolutionize the way women shop, dress and approach the whole issue of clothing ownership.

Their concept is simple: wear, return, repeat!

The receiver of the gift subscription will be able to rent clothing and fashion accessories from top brands for any purpose or occasion, from fun to formal.

Subscribers enjoy a huge variety of item options at their fingertips that range from casual everyday wear and work outfits to maternity clothes and high-end designer pieces for big events.

11 Language Courses

Language Courses

The gift of learning a new foreign language is something you can give to anyone.
Plus, many people have this goal on their bucket list. Usually, they are just looking for a good opportunity or the perfect timing.

Online course providers allow individuals to participate in their lessons and learn almost any language at their own pace: from popular ones, like English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese to less common ones.

12 Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Do you know somebody who struggles with anxiety, depression or any other mental health-related challenges and could use professional help? Do you have a family member or close friend whose relationship is experiencing a crisis?

Online therapy services offer the ability to get dedicated support from a licensed therapist through the subscriber’s PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, without traveling to an office for traditional counseling appointments.

A gift certificate for such a service can help your loved one make positive changes in their life. Moreover, they can begin to pave a path towards a happier and healthier self.

13 At-Home Massage

At-Home Massage

Wish to give your special recipient a pampering gift?
Well, you can allow him or her to enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of their own home, office, hotel room or their preferred location.

On-demand massage services and apps allow users to schedule a session, 7 days a week, and in many major cities in the U.S.
Not only that, these sessions can be booked with very short notice (in some cases, within 60 minutes).

The vetted, background-checked massage therapist arrives at the recipient’s home at the specified time with all the necessary gear: a professional massage table, sheets, lotions, oils, and even music.

14 Event Tickets

Event Tickets

Online ticket marketplaces provide fans with access to a huge variety of live events: from music concerts and sporting events to comedy nights, theater plays, Broadway shows and many other live entertainment performances.

An e-gift card will help the passionate fans in your life, grab tickets to the events they care about most and enjoy a truly memorable experience.

15 E-Gift Cards

E-Gift Cards

Traditional plastic gift cards have always been an extremely popular choice for a present for obvious reasons.
Helped by the internet, sending a virtual one (or a few) is simple, quick and convenient.

Online gift-card websites enable shoppers to choose from an extensive variety of big-name national retailers and service providers, purchase an e-gift card and have it delivered electronically through the power of email.

16 Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Membership

If you want to send a gift to people who are frequent Amazon.com shoppers, buying them a Prime membership will immediately upgrade their account and offer them new services.

The premium subscription will get them faster shipping in the contiguous United States, streaming TV, movies, music and games, Kindle ebooks, other forms of digital content, exclusive access to deals, unlimited free photo storage and more.

17 Audiobooks


Audiobooks are a great medium for people who prefer listening to books on their favorite device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) rather than actually reading them the old-fashioned way.

An audiobook service membership will let the subscribers choose and download the titles they want, from every era and genre and listen to them anywhere and anytime.

18 Hotel Stays

Hotel Stays

Hotel booking sites offer users the ability to choose from hundreds of thousands of properties in nearly 200 countries around the world, from popular international chains and luxury resorts to boutique hotels and low-cost bed & breakfast inns.

The digital gift certificate allows its holder to use it for any upcoming trip of any nature: from romantic and family vacations to business travel accommodation.

19 Genealogy


In case you’re looking for a family-oriented direction, genealogy services offer a personal gift idea that opens a door to the past and may lead to surprising and unpredictable discoveries.

A gift subscription can help anyone explore their roots, research online historical records and build a family tree.

In addition, a simple DNA test (which takes only a few drops of saliva) can uncover insightful information regarding one’s origin, ancestral background and connections to potential living relatives.

20 Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club

If you have a proud bookworm in your family, social circle or workplace, especially those who still prefer the traditional hardcover format and the printed word, consider giving them the gift of reading.

Every month, the esteemed judges of the club curate five books from all the new releases and subscribers pick which title they want to be delivered straight to their door.

21 Online Backup

Online Backup

More and more people understand how important it is to back up your digital files regularly: documents, emails, downloads, photos, music, videos and any other form of data.

Doing so can protect anyone from a wide range of catastrophic scenarios: hard drive failure, software bugs, ransomware, hardware theft, natural disasters, accidental deletion as well as others.

Giving an annual subscription to an online backup service as a gift can help computer owners back up their PC and Mac files securely in the cloud, prevent data loss, have a dependable “Plan B” in place and enjoy better peace of mind.

22 Digital TV

Digital TV

Streaming services that work over the internet provide movies, TV channels, a wide variety of original content and many other entertainment options.
They are extremely popular, have something for everyone and can be watched on any computer, mobile device, or Smart TV.

23 Music


Do you want to spoil a diehard music fan?
An email-based gift card to a streaming music provider can help them purchase a premium plan and listen to their favorite songs in high audio quality and with no ad interruptions.

What are Digital Gifts?

Digital gifts are bought online and delivered to recipients in electronic format, usually via email.

Typical E-Gift Types

Online gifts come in many shapes and forms.
Here are a few common examples:

  • Premium web service memberships
  • Streaming entertainment subscriptions
  • Exclusive digital content
  • Mobile phone app services
  • E-gift cards
  • Subscription boxes


In many ways, digital gifts provide the ultimate solution for last-minute shoppers.
Here are some of the reasons why this gift option is becoming increasingly popular.

  • Emailable gifts offer the fastest delivery time.
    They can be ordered instantly, require no advance planning and in most cases, can reach the giftee’s inbox within a matter of minutes or hours.
  • There’s a huge variety of e-gift options that are personal, meaningful, and incredibly useful for the recipient.
    You have the ability to choose from a broad selection of virtual goods and services that can align with the recipient’s interests or personality.
  • They don’t require shipping, so they can be instantly purchased and delivered online when it’s too late to mail a tangible item through the U.S. Postal Service or even via FedEx or UPS.
  • Digital gifts can immediately resolve any stressful last-minute gift-giving challenge: birthdays, Christmas, Father’s / Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and any other occasion.
  • It’s convenient: you can order and send a nice gift electronically, through your PC, smartphone or another internet-connected device – from the comfort of your home or even on the road.

    There’s no need to hit the local mall and deal with the hardships of finding free parking space, bear the massive crowds at the stores, not to mention the never-ending cues.
  • They can reach the recipient in time – even under the tightest deadlines.
    It’s a great option in circumstances where you have to come up with a creative yet practical solution at the very last minute.
  • Some vendors offer the choice to either print the gift certificate (so you can hand it over in person) or have it sent to the recipient by email.
  • Many online merchants offer the ability to set up a specific delivery date and time for your e-gift to arrive in the recipient’s inbox.
  • Usually, you can personalize your electronic gift and add a custom message.
  • They’re also great for long-distance family members and friends who live afar.
  • It is a more eco-friendly alternative for sending a traditional physical present.
  • Instant delivery e-gifts are great for emergency, high-pressure situations, where you need to find a workable quick fix right on the spot.

Quick E-Gift Shopper Tips

  • Before buying, be certain that you totally understand when the e-gift will actually be delivered to the giftee’s mailbox.
    Instantly? Within a few minutes? In a couple of hours? Perhaps even later?

    Ensure that the expected arrival time of the gift meets your delivery deadline.
    If not, choose a different option.
  • Read the terms thoroughly before placing an order.
    Verify that no unpleasant surprises are buried in the fine print. 
  • Make sure you’re buying something that suit’s the receiver’s interest, taste, passions or personality.