Who Are Last Minute Gift Shoppers And How Did
They Get To Become Ones?

Every year it’s the same.

Millions of nervous last-minute shoppers storm the malls, department stores, independent retail shops in their area and ecommerce sites, as if it’s a part of a sacred tradition.

Their goal? To secure nice gifts for their nearest and dearest before time runs out.
After all, nobody wants to show up at a festive Christmas dinner party empty-handed.
But why do so many shoppers wait until the last week, day, hour or even the very last minute (literally), to shop for those on their list?

Here are some of the reasons why so many consumers leave their gift buying to the last moment.
Are these legitimate justifications that make perfect sense or are they simply unconvincing excuses? You decide!

  1. Having a Busy Schedule

    Some people have an extremely busy schedule, due to work commitments, studying, daily family life responsibilities or other reasons.
    They suffer from a chronic shortage of time and for them, finding the time to go shopping earlier is not a viable option.
  2. Forgetting

    The human memory is not a foolproof mechanism and may fail us at times.
    With the incredible amount of information which is stored between our ears, remembering everything all the time is not easy.

    Sometimes, with all the hustle and bustle in your life, you may accidentally forget to factor in a significant person in your life or an important date may simply slip your mind.
  3. Procrastination

    Are you one of those people who always prefer doing things “later” rather than “now”? Guess what. You’re not alone.
    Millions of others wait… and wait… and wait…  until there’s almost no time left.

    For them, kicking the can down the road is a philosophy of life.
  4. Laziness

    Some folks can’t seem to find the power within themselves to invest even minimal levels of effort or energy in searching and buying a nice present to their loved ones ahead of time.
  5. Being Disorganized

    Unfortunately, many people do not possess the gift of foresight.
    They are bad planners, inefficient and tend to live in a chaotic and messy world where nothing is ever done in an orderly manner.
  6. Indecisiveness

    Many shoppers have tremendous difficulty in finding a great gift.
    Some are overwhelmed by the great wealth of options, as they don’t even know where to begin.

    Others might be pathological perfectionists who will not settle for anything less than the ultimate perfect gift.
  7. Unexpected Circumstances

    We live in a tricky and unpredictable environment where things can change very quickly and surprise you with no warning.

    Just when you’re starting to feel pretty good about yourself, how you’ve managed to plan everything well in advance in such a perfect way, an unanticipated guest may announce he’s about to show up.
  8. Waiting for Last-Minute Deals

    Professional deal hunters wait until the last minute on purpose, as a planned strategy for scoring amazing savings on their gifts.
    These late shoppers are waiting until the very last moment in order to enjoy the biggest discounts and the lowest prices. 
  9. They Love the Pressure

    It may sound odd to some, but certain people actually enjoy the pressure and high intensity of last-minute shopping.
    For them, the excitement, the adrenaline rush, and the challenging race to beat the buzzer are all wonderful pieces of this addictive puzzle game.